Extension Policy & Guidelines

We cannot stress enough how important it is to follow our Extension Guidelines as we cannot guarentee our tape extensions in your hair if our homecare guidelines arent followed through once leaving the salon.


If you feel like you won't be able to maintain your extensions following our guidelines then tape extensions may not be for you .

If you would like to bring in your own tape extensions purchased else where already pre-taped and have us apply them to your hair or if you would like us to re-tape them and move them up we are more then happy to do so although we cannot guarentee your extension service as we cannot guarentee the quality of the hair as they arent purchased through our salon.

If you have your tape extensions removed elsewhere or blow dried elsewere without using our reccomended products the guarentee on your extensions is immediately voided as we use specific products catered for our extensions and can only guarentee a quality of service in our salon. 


Home Care Guidelines


  • Avoid washing hair for 48 – 72 hours following tape hair extension application.

  • Following extension application wear hair in a low pony tail and low styles for the first week.

  • Brush hair daily with recommended extension brush.

  • Do not use low quality shampoo and conditioner or any shampoo and conditioners that have protein or sulphate, we recommend using J’adore Hair Supplies hair care range to warrant your extensions.

  • Concentrate shampoo on your own scalp rather then on extensions. Concentrate conditioner on extensions and avoid using conditioner at the root area.

  • Extensions require maintenance every 6- 8 weeks the keep the natural hair safe, damage free and manageable.

  • Do not sleep with wet hair. Dry hair gently with the hair dryer on low – medium heat and apply heat protection spray prior to using hair styling tools.

  • It is not recommended to swim with tape extensions, if you do swim at your own risk with extensions it is recommended to wear the extensions in a loose plait never a top not or bun and rinse hair immediately after swimming in chlorine and salt water.

  • Always tie hair up when sleeping a loose plait is best.

  • Do not apply bleach to hair extensions, semi permanent dye and toners are okay to go darker or a similar shade although we cannot guarantee colour outcome on extensions. Colouring your extensions is at your own risk and voids any warranty.

  • It is normal to lose between 1-5 extensions between maintenances; these can be reapplied at your next service.

Any fault in our work or quailty of the hair will be noticed within the first week and a half - Please check your extension thoughroughly once you have washed them and dried them yourself at home , if you feel like any extensions have been placed incorrectly , if any have slipped down your hair , fallen out or if the actually quality of the hair has changed (for eq. shedding or dryness) please call the salon immediately .

We allow 2 weeks for any compalints or change to our tape application - after that time frame there will be a cost for any changes you want made to your extensions.

The Hairlounge Team xx