Half Head        $390.00

Full Head         $580.00

Head & Half     $690.00


Half Head         $420.00

Full Head          $660.00

Head & Half      $850.00

Removal & Moveup

Half Head         $180.00

Full Head          $220.00

Head & Half      $280.00

Tape Extensions 

Our extension pricing is based on our most popular 20" inch tape extensions for both Zala and Jadore . We do have 12", 16" and 24" inch tape extensions available in Zala pricing does vary.

We require all extension clients to come in for an extension consultation and colour match so that we can go through our extension guidleines  and see if tapes are going to be the right fit for you.  You will need to come in a minimum  of 1 week before to perform the consultation as we require a 50 % deposit on any extension purchases .


When purchasing tape extensions through The Hairlounge our pricing includes :

  • Brand new luscious tape extensions of your desired colour.

  • Washing and drying your hair.

  • Applying the tape extension to your hair .

  • Cutting the extensions to your desired length & shape.

  • Styling the extensions to your requested style.


The amount of tapes you will need will be determined by the thickness of your own hair and your desired look. 
A half head of tape extensions are 20 pieces (10 pairs) , a full head 40 pieces (20 pairs) and a head and a half 60 pieces (30 pairs).