Tape Hair Extensions

We have spent months trialing every tape extensions company you can think of and have sourced out what we feel are the best extensions companies in the business ! We fell head over heels for 2 amazing companies and could not decide between the 2 so we have added both to our service menu . 


Both are amazing extension companies that we know our clients will adore as much as we do . Below you will find information about the difference between both companies .

Remy Russian Tape Hair Extensions

If you are in need of high-quality Remy hair extensions, then you are at the right place! . They are perfectly suited for all needs like correcting any styling errors or creating a stunning new look. These Russian tape extensions are great to eliminate those annoying bangs or to bring out beautiful new hairstyles that you have always wished for.


Some may choose extensions to add body and volume to a current hairstyle, for special occasions or those who have experienced hair loss due to illness. Application can only be preformed if the hair is about six inches in length – this should provide a stunning, natural-looking set of hair. Our wholesale Russian hair extensions are made using only the finest Remy Russian hair extensions to ensure optimum results. These Russian tape extensions can also be washed, changed in colour and even reused. These tape extensions are available in a wide range of colours and with their perfect wavy texture they will suit a wide variety of hair types. They are easily straightened, and will hold a curl very well when heat styled which is a common problem with straight texture hair extensions. Whether the natural hair is straight, curly, or wavy these extensions are extremely adaptable and can fit to match almost any desired look.


These exclusive extensions provide the highest degree of quality due to their being derived from the finest and softest grade hair available on the market. All our Remy hair is derived from 100% stunning human hair so you are assured of natural looking results .


J'adore Russian extensions have Remy cuticle hair. This means that the hair is collected with all strands running in the same direction (cut from a ponytail), this ensures that the hair cuticle layer is facing the same direction from root to tip just as they do in our natural hair. Great care is taken so that all the cuticles run in the same direction, this greatly reduces tangling and means that it is kept looking and feeling natural. We are confident you will be 100% satisfied with the quality of the hair.


Many salons use non-remy hair, which comes from the salon floors and hairbrushes of Indian women. This is very poor quality due to the hair cuticle being messed up and facing different directions which will cause knotting once applied as hair extensions. We have close communications with our source so you can have confidence when buying from us that you are only receiving Remy salon hair extensions. Russian hair is extremely high quality and is sourced from Eastern Europe in strictly ethical methods only where the donor is paid for their hair.


Another very important part of J'adore Hair Supplies' quality assurance is to ensure all our hair is double drawn. The hair is manually checked for any short hairs. These short hairs are removed to ensure that each hair extension strand is full from the top to the bottom (no thin ends). You would be surprised on how much this improves the completed look, and unlike others we stock double drawn hair at single drawn prices.

The process is performed twice to eliminate any risk of short hairs being missed.


We have found that the most popular texture for those who our wholesale hair extensions is 'body wave'. This means that the hair has a lovely loose wave or romance wave. It is a gentle flowing wave and is popular due to it matching most clients hair. The wave also gives the hair more body. This texture is preferred by most clients over straight hair as the bodywave style will hold a curl extremely well, and can still be styled straight very easily.

Zala European Remy Hair Extensions

ZALA tape hair extensions utilize the latest technology in the ever-changing hair industry. Tapes in hair extensions are a significant leap forward in hair extension application. ZALA tape extensions leave the experiences of messy glue and painful wefts behind. Providing a hair extensions system so easy, quick and efficient to apply, it has fast become the hair extension product of choice for both consumer and hair stylists worldwide.


  • Double Drawn

  • AAAAA Grade

  • 100% European Remy virgin human hair

  • Strong USA made tape lasts up to 8 weeks once applied

  • Undetectable & ultra comfortable / Apply in under 30 minutes!

  • Thick ends

  • No heat, glue or painful wefts required.

  • Can be re-taped easily

  • Available in 17 shades & 20 / 24 inch packs. 

Hair Lounge Tape Extension FAQS


How long do tapes take to apply?
Tape extensions are one of the quickest and easily applied extension methods around these days! With a half head being applied within 30 minutes. A full head of extensions can take up to 60 minutes and a head and a half roughly 90 minutes.


How many extensions do I need?
For most clients we recommend using a full head of tape extensions depending on your needs and the style you are wanting to achieve. If you are just wanting to add a bit of thickness we would recommended a half head of tape extensions. For those clients wanting that extremely thick long luscious “celebrity” looking hair we would recommend a head and a half.


What lengths are available?
We offer 16 – 24 inch tape extensions. 16 inch will sit around your bust line , 20 inch is roughly below your bust line and 24 inch will sit around your waist. 

How long will my tapes last?

With both our extension companies the condition of the hair will depend on how well you maintain the hair. With the correct maintenance following our Extension guidelines our Zala tapes can last you around 6 - 12 months and our J’adore tapes will last up to 12 months.


Can I re-use my tape hair extensions?

Yes ! Tape extensions must be moved up every 6- 8 weeks.


Will tape extensions damage my natural hair?
When applied and maintained correctly tape extensions will not damage your hair. Tape extensions are lightweight and flat comfortable once applied in the hair. They lay flat against the head and are undetectable to achieve a natural look. Tape extensions are easily removed with a tape adhesive solvent. If you do not remove and move up your tape extensions every 6 – 8 weeks they can pull on the hair, matt and cause damage.